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Welcome to DirectIQ API

DirectIQ API allows you to integrate your applications with DirectIQ. We provide a range of API methods, which can be used to access many of the key DirectIQ functions, such as creating contact lists, adding contacts, and viewing a lot of information about your account.

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Spend some time reading our API documentation, and when you feel ready, fill out this form to get your own unique API key.


Latest version of the API can be found here:


If you don't have a DirectIQ account (which is required for API access), just visit this link and create your account first.

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Don't forget, whenever you need help, DirectIQ's support team is here to help you. Feel free to email us or invite us for some chat.

Find a Developer

If you need a developer to integrate DirectIQ with your web site, you can use oDesk to search for qualified freelancers.